5 Simple Things That Can Violate Your Probation

Simple Things That Can Violate Your Probation

If you’re like most people, you’ve undoubtedly encountered the term “probation” while watching TV. What does it involve? Probation is a community-based kind of supervision, which you get with the threat of imprisonment as a kind of coercion. 

Probation is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you are not in prison, while on the other hand, you must avoid committing any crime, no matter how petty, so that you don’t violate your probation and end up back in prison.

How Can You Violate Your Probation?

Your lawyer has undoubtedly already conveyed the vital message of avoiding another offense if you are on probation. Facing a new criminal charge while on probation can be costly, as this could result in you finding yourself back in court and your probation being revoked.

This article highlights several things you can abstain from in order to protect your freedom. You definitely don’t want to appear non-committal to your probation guidelines and risk jail time now, do you? Let’s jump right in!

1. New Criminal Charges or Arrests

New Criminal Charges or Arrests

The revocation of your probation status will happen if you are arrested or charged with a new felony. You don’t even have to be guilty to end up in legal hot water.

Suppose you are under accusation of a new offense, most probation officers will automatically terminate your probation with only a few who wait to find out if you are guilty of a new felony before taking action.

You will get your probation revoked after a criminal charge is brought against you. However, your prosecutor may wait to see if you are indeed guilty before issuing your warrant.

2. Using Illegal Substances or Alcohol While on Probation

Using Illegal Substances or Alcohol While on Probation

A vast majority of the time, a person guilty of a crime is put on probation. In such a situation, the court may forbid the offender from using drugs or alcohol.

In several states, possessing minor amounts of marijuana is decriminalized. Some individuals on probation even have permission to consume marijuana for medicinal purposes with a valid prescription. Nevertheless, many local courts refuse to issue such a card because of the associated restrictions on drug usage.

Almost every local court refuses to let those on probation use recreational marijuana. It’s best if you avoid any illegal substances that could get you into trouble with the law.

3. Dishonoring Your Probation Appointments

It is unacceptable to be late to any meetings, or to miss any! A person placed on probation must report to their probation officer at least once a month. If a PO requires that the probationer meets up with them once a week, this will most likely be the case.

However, some people get non-reporting probation. This number is very tiny, though. To successfully finish probation, the individual must stay out of legal trouble, fulfill all of their probation requirements, and pay any accrued fines and expenses.

4. Failing to Complete Community Service

Failing to Complete Community Service

Contrary to going to jail, most often, community service work is often assigned. This means that, on average, a judge gives up to 60 hours of community service as a punishment during sentencing.

A wide range of community service options are provided to the individual on probation. For example, people have volunteered to teach high school students, worked for animal shelters and churches, and completed their community service hours by volunteering at an elementary school. 

Those on probation have orders to perform a lot of community service. And probation officers require you to authorize your location of service.

5. Incomplete Counseling

Drinking and driving offenders who are caught are under instruction to complete substance misuse and/or Alcoholics Anonymous classes. A person convicted of retail fraud must complete a course that educates them on the social cost of theft. A violent criminal will likely have to undergo anger management lessons as part of his or her sentence.

Do Not Waste Your Second Chance

It’s kind of like you have a fresh lease on life when you find yourself on probation. As you can see, freedom is crucial, and it shouldn’t be that difficult to abide by the law, especially while you’re on thin ice. So to keep from violating your probation, stay in check and be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel when your probation period ends.