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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Symfony Framework for Your Next Project

Unless you’re a PHP developer living under the rocks, you would have noticed the rise of PHP frameworks in the last decade. It is now a scenario where coding from scratch has become not only old-school but also non-productive.

While there are hundreds of PHP frameworks available across the web, not many offer the right features and environment for extended development. But, as it turns out, Symfony is an exception. It’s a reusable PHP framework that has been optimized for website and web app development.

We talked to a few PHP developers and here are 5 reasons they say why you should use Symfony framework for your next project.

#1 A Big and Bigger Community

Symfony Framework and Symfony Components are built and maintained by one of the biggest communities in PHP development sector. When you jump in and start using this framework, you have a lot of resources to depend on. This is the best part: the community has equal amount of resources for ultimate beginners as well as extensive developers alike. Just so you know, organizations like National Geographic, Vogue and TED are using Symfony framework for their websites and web apps. Trust us, a reliable community is the essential feature to look for in a framework.

#2 It’s Quite Flexible

When you are into extended development, you cannot live without flexibility. Fortunately, Symfony is surely the most flexible PHP framework you can find today. Because of this, a Symfony development company can fulfil a wide variety of requirements from your side. It does not matter if you need a general-purpose website or a micro-level-managed web application, Symfony should be able to do the job. It’s also worth noting that you can choose between bundles and components — which are plug-in-like collections and certain features respectively.

#3 Multi-Level Customizability

A lot of developers believe that a framework can cut down the possibilities of customization. The case with Symfony is different again. In fact, you can choose between different levels of customization in this one. For instance, you can go full stack if you want most features from Symfony. On the other hand, Brick-by-Brick is better when you want certain groups of features from the framework. Last but not least, there is a Micro-Framework mode, which lets you pick individual features and include them in your project. Symfony is well-constructed enough to allow all these options.

#4 Fast and Convenient

We are not talking about the development only. In fact, websites that are made using Symfony framework are comparatively faster and easy to use. Of course, the final User Interface is up to you but there is minimum assurance that the website would not irritate people. Now, coming to the development side, things would be as faster as they get. As we said earlier, you can conveniently choose the types of features you want and omit the rest. And, when you are done with development, you would have a website/app that runs smoothly and without bugs.

#5 Miscellaneous

As always, there are minute details that matter in the Symfony framework. For instance, it comes with a lot of elements that can come in handy during development. As we said earlier, you can choose from bundle as well as components. This freedom is great when you are building a multi-level web application. There is also something called Interoperability, which is the ability to work alongside other standards of PHP and others. Combined with the availability of plenty of resources, nothing can go wrong with development. And, you’ve a big group of people to help you get your questions answered.

These, we think, are some strong reasons to use Symfony for your next web development project. In addition to this, make sure that you are hiring a team that has worked on the platform for at least a notable amount of time.