Mobile Apps

5 New Apps Which you should Check Out

Google Play and the iTunes store have become treasure troves of fantastic new apps – many of them free.  The app is one of the biggest examples of normal people designing and initiating innovation, and these app markets have become hubs for minor works of technological genius.  Some of the best apps for contract phones available currently are as follows:

1. Badoo

Badoo is a location based social networking site which incredibly has over 150 million users.  It develops the ideas of social networking and facilitates real life friendships by letting you know which other users are in the proximity of your mobile phones current location.  If you’re new in the neighbourhood this is a good way of finding like-minded friends or if you use online dating sites this is a credible and practical alternative.

2. AA 2013 Pub Guide

Another app that is location based is AA 2013 Pub Guide, which lets you find the most charming and best pubs in the vicinity of your current location.  It rates food and ales and is invaluable for anyone that likes long road trips throughout Britain.  If you’re considering somewhere to eat or somewhere to go for the evening you needn’t be left out in the wilderness any more.

3. Barclays Pingit

Speaking of finding useful things, the banking apps available now help you to locate the nearest cash machines and branches of your bank based on your current location.  Barclays Pingit also lets you transfer money and check your account.  Other banking apps offer similar services and have been packaged perfectly for mobile phones.

4. Rightmove

Rightmove is an app from the estate agents of the same name that allows you to monitor the housing market particularly effectively – an invaluable tool if you’re looking to buy or rent and wish to be first in line.

5. Motors app

The car market can work along similar principles as the housing market in terms of ‘first come first served’ and the motors app from lets you monitor the used car market on your mobile phones, finding specific matches instead of being lumbered with the stock from your local dealership.