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5 Great Apps for Travel Budgeting

It’s expensive to get out and see the world, especially if you want to eat and sleep in clean accommodations along the journey. But beyond just setting money aside, there are several apps you can use with your smartphone or tablet that can help you stretch your budget while you’re on the road.

A Free Communications App

When you’re traveling the world, there’s nothing better than sharing the experience with those you love. As of 2010, Skype had more than 660 million registered users and has become synonymous with free video calls. Skype’s mobile app allows you to call, text, IM and even file share with anyone in the world as long as they are a member of Skype. You can use the app to call home or a cell phone for cheap, but if you call Skype to Skype, it won’t cost you a thing.

A Shelter Seeking App

Unless you want to sleep in a tent, hostels are, by far, the cheapest place to spend the night. They offer a clean bed and a shower for a fraction of what you would pay for a hotel room. Hostelworld allows you to search and read reviews on a comprehensive list of hostels, and is available for both Android and Apple devices. You can do all of your research long before entering any booking information.

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Groupon App

With the Groupon App, you can find savings on things to do, eat, see, and buy. You can use the app to find deals in more than 500 cities. This app you can save on fashion purchases, the cost at an upscale restaurant, and even the expense of travel to tropical destinations. For travel, this app is a must because it can get you deals into events, concerts, museums, and all sorts of cultural and entertainment venues.

A Good Translation App

One of the worst experiences is being in a foreign country and feeling like you can’t communicate. Relying on the locals to know English is not always a safe bet. The great thing is that language translation apps are cheaper than phrase books and a lot more versatile, as well. With iTranslate, you can actually speak the word or phrase you want translated in English, and the app will repeat it in the language of your choosing. You can get the free version and put up with ads, or get rid of the ads and upgrade for a couple of dollars.

A Wi-Fi Finding App

All these wonderful tools will help you save money and help you navigate your travels, but in most cases, you’ll be stuck without a Wi-Fi signal. The next valuable app to consider is Wi-Fi Finder. It’s available on both Android and iOS platforms. It uses Google maps to help you locate all of the Wi-Fi spots in your area. It also lets you narrow down your search to types of places and then helps you find them.

The wonderful world of apps have made life easier and more fun. When it comes to travel, they can make it more affordable as well.