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5 Essential Characteristics of a Workflow Management System

Given today’s difficult economy (steep gasoline and commodity prices, high unemployment rates, etc.), consumers are constantly on the lookout for ways to cut down on costs, which, for the most part, speaks to the popularity of group-buying websites like Groupon and Living Social, cheap airline ticketing sites like Expedia and Orbitz, and a whole bunch of others.

On the business side of things, if you’re an entrepreneur and have just implemented a workflow management system that automates tasks, tracks issues, manages workflow and streamlines your overall business procedures, here are telltale signs that you’re getting the most bang for your buck:

1. Easy to implement.

We may be living in the computer age, but not everyone is a computer expert. An automation tool that is ultra-flexible, easy to tweak and navigate, has user-friendly characteristics like drag-and-drop dashboards for designing and editing will save you (1) the need for a crash course in computer programming, advanced coding and other geeky stuff – one huge advantage, especially if you’re always pressed for time; and (2) the hassle of hiring and on-boarding a qualified professional for your software and other computer-related needs.

2. Accessible via the web or any mobile device.

Even without going through the hard figures, just by looking around, it should be obvious to anyone with a human eye that smartphones and tablets have already eclipsed desktop and laptop sales, a trend that isn’t likely to change anytime soon. This is because the “handiness” of hand-held devices has made doing business a whole lot easier for both customers and entrepreneurs, which goes without saying that an automation tool that supports mobile functionality is a major, major plus.

comindware workflow mgmt system

3. Allows on-the-fly alterations.

In business, having clear-cut objectives doesn’t guarantee success. As a matter of fact, having clear-cut objectives doesn’t stop setbacks and other unanticipated circumstances from showing their ugly rears every now and then. That being the case, an automation system, e.g., Comindware IT Help Desk Solution, that provides ample room for changes even after the workflow has been finalized is a big benefit. This ensures process continuity and goal completion on budget and on time.

4. Customizable and can be integrated with any third-party application using API (application programming interface).

For routine reporting and other tasks, using templates simplifies the process. A workflow management system that is both customizable and interoperable with other third-party software like Microsoft Outlook is one big steal. There will always be cases when companies already use existing platforms prior to their implementation of a more reliable workflow automation software. Migration to and adoption of a whole new system can be tedious, time-consuming and disruptive to the business’ overall operations.

5. Cost-effective.

A compilation of books valued at $100 may be a bargain for a book lover, but a complete waste of money for somebody with a different set of priorities. For someone who prefers haute couture, $1,000 for a pair of jeans may not even be that much. The point is, cost-effectiveness is relative. It would all depend on where the business or person is coming from. If your business is one that values efficiency and workforce empowerment, among many other things, investing in an automation solution that works in the background day in and day out is a no-brainer, especially if it generates about 30% – 50% in total savings in the long run.

Author Bio: Maricel Rivera is an online marketing strategist for Comindware, a process automation solutions provider.