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5 Essential Apps For Lifelong Learners

Any person had faced an unknown problem at work, school or home many times. Such situations force us to study something new, improve our skills. This happens so often because our world does not stand still, it always develops, and this development covers all spheres of our lives.

Today, in order to keep up with the progress around us, grow in the society, and succeed in your business or work, you need to constantly evolve, learn something new and unknown. But nowadays it is not as difficult as it used to be. Today, we have numerous possibilities and tools that make the life-long learning process much more engaging and less difficult, so here are the top five apps for lifelong learners!

1) Khan Academy

Khan Academy

This app has a wide database of useful lectures on various subjects. It is a great source for everyone no matter what their major and job are because it contains lots of interesting and helpful data on different topics including math, humanities, science, economics, finance and much more! What makes Khan Academy unique? In fact, the majority of the lectures presented in this app (1600 out of 2600 videos) were recorded by the creator of this source Salman Khan. Also, apart from the video, you can find texts of some lectures here.

2) EssayPro


This service will be especially useful for students. is one of the top essay writing services that exist today and it helps students to cope with their academic assignments and papers. EssayPro is a great helper for everyone who is too busy with their work or studies that they not always can handle their homework. What makes it special? The service employs many highly-qualified writers who can handle any kind of task, and, at the same time, the prices for their help are very reasonable and pocket-friendly!

Besides, EssayPro features a great and interesting blog that can teach you some useful and practical tricks, interesting tips and advice on how to write different types of academic papers.

3) Udemy


The base of lectures presented at Udemy is much larger than in many other applications. Here, in addition to the standard sections like “Science” or “Economics”, there are also categories such as “Lifestyle” and “Games”, “Hobbies and Crafts”, “Design” and “Sports”. The main difference is that these lectures are paid. The prices here are different. So, for example, 60 minutes long lecture by John Bureaus will teach you to create games for the iPhone without programming, and the cost of this lesson is $500.

But don’t despair yet! Although the majority of lessons at Udemy are paid, you still can find some that are absolutely free and finally learn something that you’ve always wanted to master!

4) TED


This is an official app from the famous website. In the TED app, you can find the wide variety of different online lectures and watch them anywhere right from your phone, tablet or laptop. What makes TED different from similar applications? The main advantage of this app is that it contains high-resolution videos on different topics that are translated into different languages, so anyone can watch them and learn!

Another feature of the TED lectures is that they are fun and exciting. The team knows how to make the learning process interesting and easy.

5) ITunes U

ITunes U

Tech giant – Apple has captivated the world not only with its devices but also with its unique and fresh approach to education. The app created by the worldwide famous company – iTunes U has a huge base of lectures from universities of different countries of the world, so there is a possibility to choose not only your favorite or new subject but also educational institutions and teachers!