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5 Best Video Poker Games

Every avid poker player knows that online poker playing can sometimes be a very costly undertaking. As such, poker enthusiasts looking for poker action find a cheaper alternative in online video poker games.

These video games are simulations of real tournament poker games and are a replication of physical casinos on various gaming devices like cell phones and play stations.

Finding such video games for download is relatively easy and cheap on the internet. They’re cheaply available online. Knowing a thing or two about various video poker games helps a lot in combing through the diverse collection available online to make a viable collection.

Here, we’ve tremendously simplified this process by availing a detailed list of the five most famous video poker games. These are among the easiest yet most involving and immensely challenging video poker games.

1. Deuces Wild

This is an online poker video game that executes on a typical deck consisting of fifty two cards. Here, all the deuces are considered wild and can be swapped for other cards on the deck to come up with winning hands.

Wild deuces offer easier chances of winning a hand at a poker game. For this reason, this game is relatively easier to play in comparison to other online video poker games.

When playing Deuces Wild, you place a bet before dealing of the hand is conducted. Afterward, you are allotted 5 cards which you may choose to get rid of or retain depending on your preferred strategy.

2. Marilyn’s Poker II

This is an online video poker game that expertly merges poker action with Americana to yield a superbly pleasant game. It’s assembled by Novomatic, a reputable producer of captivating online video games.

Marilyn’s Poker II is designed in respect to the late Marilyn Monroe and it offers its players exemplary online poker game play involving jokers and numerous progressive bonuses.

Like the Deuces Wild, this game features a typical fifty-two card deck and one joker. When playing, the aim here is to make either of several combinations to strike a payoff.

It’s allowed to swap a maximum of five cards without making a payment, but only once. Here, payouts arise from the usual poker combinations like royal flushes and pairs.

Additionally, this game avails later payoffs in form of bonuses. It’s important to carefully go through the instructions for playing this game to enable you maximize your video poker gaming experience.

3. Multihand Double Jackpot Poker

This game combines the action of slot machines and traditional casino poker to offer its enthusiasts a distinctive video poker game experience. Moreover, it incorporates a jackpot into its payoff.

Before playing, you get a set of five cards to start with. If you land jacks or higher-value cards to start with, your payoff will be based on the pay table. Interestingly, getting four similar combos enables you to hit the lucrative jackpot.

Multi5. hand Double Jackpot Poker allows you to play several hands simultaneously thus considerably improves you chances of hitting the jackpot.

4. Double Double Bonus

Also known as 10/6 video poker, this game utilizes the usual playing deck consisting of fifty two cards. Here, you’ll get premiums for four-of-a-kind hands to enable you realize huge payout potentials.

This game has potential for considerably higher payouts in comparison to other online video poker games.

5. Deuces Wild 4 Line Video Poker

In this video poker game, every number two card is considered a wild card. Consequently, it’s permissible to substitute your number two cards for other requisite cards to come up with a winning hand.

Additionally, the four lines that this game has enable you to have four chances of winning every single time you play.

Furthermore, this game possesses excellent gaming graphics and a superbly responsive interface that enable it to execute beautifully. It’s ideal for poker newbies and poker pros alike as it offers an immensely fun-filled online poker gaming experience.

In conclusion, every avid video poker player deserves an exceptional experience when playing poker online. Online poker games should be entertaining and challenging. They should also closely mimic real poker to successfully prepare and motivate online video poker players to try real poker in physical casinos. We’ve factored in ease of availability, cost effectiveness and availability of numerous bonus and sizeable payouts to compile a list of the easiest, most affordable and challenging online video poker games for you.

By playing these games, you’ll considerably hone your skills in poker play by competing against computerized systems. Also, you’ll enjoy momentous excitement from playing these games at any time.

Another notable advantage of these games is their availability as apps that execute smoothly on android, windows and iOS operating systems. This will enable you to run these games on most of your computerized electronic devices.

Hopefully, this short guide has provided you with a comprehensive outlook on the diverse variety that online video poker gaming avails. Try them out to find out which one is your favorite.