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5 Best Tips to Manage The Millennial Workforce

5 Best Tips to Manage The Millennial Workforce

Workforces are constantly changing, with varying levels of impact on the company’s future. The millennial workforce has become a major part of the young workforce, while baby boomers are on their way out. Millennials will soon become a major part of the workforce, bringing their own set of skills and qualities.

In order to work efficiently with millennials, there is a need for a deeper understanding of how they work and behave. And it’s not just working with them. Being a role model as the project manager, you need to motivate the millennials for the future of the company, and also to make them better leaders in the future. 

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which millennials can be optimised effectively in projects. 

1. Have a direct approach

Time is money, and there is no one better than millennials to testify for it. They have a direct approach to work, and it is best to cut the small talk when allocating work to them. It would be difficult to make them work according to traditional structures and processes, especially if they are inefficient for them.

Taking the help of technology can help a great deal in this regard. Using a resource management tool can help resolve many of these issues. It helps you state directly what is expected from your employees, and the time allocated to complete them. Analytical reports would also help forecast resource overloads and other emergencies. It can also be useful when working with larger or remote teams. 

2. Facilitate learning among employees

Millennials were born in the 80s and 90s, and have grown up in the era of technology, including the internet. This has made their learning much faster and made them aware much faster than traditional teaching methods.

It is, therefore, necessary that continuous learning and development programmes are a part of their engagement in the company. As a manager, try to find out the skills which you want to see in your employees for the benefit of future projects. The company can also invest in its employees and arrange special courses that they are interested in and contribute to their personal growth as well.

3. Appreciate their diversity 

Since millennials are continuously looking for better exposure and learning opportunities, earning money is not their primary concern. They have usually adapted themselves to a variety of courses and experiences, and are looking for value even while they are working with your company.

It is best to broaden your mind when working with millennial employees. With their diverse set of skills and experience, they can benefit any project that they work in. Different viewpoints and opinions will help provide better insights into your projects. In return, you can substantiate their work experience with exposure to clients, stakeholders, and industry experts. 

4. Distribute ownership of project activities

Millennials have a need to be recognised for their work. With sufficient knowledge in technology and how company processes work, they can be easily assigned tasks and activities. Added responsibility at work makes them feel more connected to the project and eventually, to the whole company.

A flat organisation with minimal hierarchy levels works best for millennials. This is because traditional structures of authority are neither appealing to them nor is it something they are familiar with. Instead of being a boss, it is better if you treat millennials as mentors and show them the ropes of the business as an equal. This ensures that they become good professionals in the future with a sound knowledge base.

5. Utilise their IT literacy to a maximum

If there’s one thing all present executives will agree on, it is on the millennial’s prowess in IT and other technology. Having literally grown up at a time when the internet was discovered, no other generation has a better knowledge of the internet.

This will come to great advantage when projects are being planned. With a mix of experienced employees and tech-savvy millennials, your projects will have the winning edge than others. As for the company, it will also attract the best talent in the future. Social media has become a necessity for all companies as an effective tool for business expansion. Millennials who use social media regularly will be naturally adapted to work in such fields.

The increasing role of the millennial workforce is imminent, and it makes sense to be well-prepared for it. With proper utilisation of their talents, the millennial workforce can be a great opportunity to modernise and improve your business. With mutual learning and support, you can help build a sustainable workforce in the long run


Author bio: Mahendra Gupta is PMP certified and expert authority in the smart workforce planning and resource management domain. He is the subject matter expert in resource management and workforce planning at Saviom Software. His experience has enabled multinational businesses around the globe to diversify their project portfolio. Follow his work here.