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5 Benefits of Satellite Internet

satellite internet

When Internet service providers began to offer a connection by phone line, we thought that was pretty cool. When we were able to get Internet by cable? That was really cool, too. Cable and DSL sure beat dial-up, that’s for sure.

But when you’re talking about Internet access that’s beamed from outer space … it really doesn’t get much cooler than that.HughesNet customers, for instance, have the technology of the EchoStar XVII satellite on their side. Learn more about HughesNet Gen4 plans at

Satellite Internet, though, is more than just a cool space-age way to get Internet service. With widespread availability and innovative growth, satellite Internet carries a number of advantages, for homes and small businesses.

Here are five benefits of using satellite Internet:

Always-on connection

Many kids today don’t even know what a modem sounds like when it cranks up. With satellite Internet, you don’t have to “start up” your Internet. The always-on connection allows you to shake your mouse and browse. Don’t tie up your phone line in order to have your connection available. Plus, your connection speed is independent of any issues with a cable or phone line, like with cable or DSL.

Easy to use

Satellite Internet installation is simple: A technician sets up your account and installs a dish outside your home. Your computer will connect to the Internet just as it did before. In the U.S., you need an unobstructed view of the southern sky. Because the connection doesn’t depend upon cables or phone lines, all it takes is having a satellite dish connected to your computer to get Internet service.

Global coverage

No matter where you live, satellite Internet is probably able to reach you. With a satellite in geostationary orbit, a signal can reach just about anywhere in the world. Earth’s curvature, oceans, and other natural and man-made obstacles make it difficult to establish communication lines over vast distances – unless you go above and beyond the hurdles, as satellite Internet does.


Satellite Internet was once simply the only alternative to dial-up for rural residents. As technology improves with new satellites and on-the-ground advances, satellite Internet’s speeds have long ago blown away those expected with dial-up. Generally, download speeds with satellite Internet are about nine times faster than those you can expect from a dial-up connection.

Use multiple devices

With dial-up, you take turns on the family PC. With satellite Internet, you connect a hub computer, but can also access wireless with other devices simultaneously. Many satellite Internet providers offer plans to accommodate households that access the web for prolonged periods and with multiple devices. Some allow downloads during non-peak hours that don’t count against your data allotment.