4 Websites That You Would do Well to Bookmark


The World Wide Web is a vast and constantly growing space, and one that can be difficult to navigate even allowing for Google’s excellent categorisation. So while your favourite websites can easily be bookmarked, finding them in the first place is far harder to accomplish.

This goal is even harder to accomplish when you search for sites with competitive keywords, so it is crucial that you look to bookmark resources as you go and actively seek out recommendations for the best and most in-demand websites.

4 Websites to Bookmark across different Industries 

To illustrate this point, here are four of the best and most purposeful bookmarks across the travel, how-to, photography and gaming sectors: –



While this site continues to refine its data and levels of accuracy, it remains one of the most unique and useful travel websites online. Its core purpose is to provide restaurant recommendations throughout the U.S, using specific dishes as search criteria rather than cuisine type or restaurant name. This is a novel approach that has earned rave reviews, with the site using a huge database to help customer located their favourite, local dishes.

The website is also set to expand its reach and included aggregated results from other cities around the world, which will only add to its appeal over time.


Slot sites are among the most popular gaming resources online, as they offer fun, themed and interactive gameplay like no other casino discipline. There are a number of platforms to choose from, however, while you must also peruse a huge range of games that draw on numerous, pop culture themes. can help you to choose the right website and gaming experiences for you, however, as it offers an in-depth market comparison and user reviews that can inform your final decision.



In terms of how-to websites, is perhaps the most diverse and insightful. Unlike some websites of this type, this particular resource includes data across a number of tasks and sectors while it also draws on the knowledge of both experts and regular contributors on a daily basis. So while this is one of numerous how-to sites that are accessible through the Internet in the modern age, it is the one that offers the most value and most easily digestible information.

Make sure to bookmark this ahead of any other how-to website, as you can always source more specialist sites as required.

4. Flickr

Whether you are a blogger, copywriter or graphical artist, the need for free images in often pressing. Even if you dabble in recreational creative projects or photography, you will need to source complimentary pictures that form the basis of your work.

Flickr is perhaps the best of these, at least in terms of its ease of use and the sheer breadth of photographs available. You can also search for images with simple keywords, while you only need a basic account to download free images in a multitude of sizes.