4 Ways AI is Used to Improve E-commerce Results

The quick development of computer technologies and the internet have changed a lot of industries while opening up new business opportunities as well. Without the internet and all digital technologies we have today, e-commerce wouldn’t exist.

As time goes by this industry keeps getting bigger, and e-commerce stores are becoming more sophisticated. Websites are constantly being improved and use various underlying technologies that might not be visible at first sight.

Today we are witnessing the adoption of artificial intelligence in e-commerce. As AI is becoming more available, a lot of different industries are looking to make use of it and improve their results. Here is how AI is used in e-commerce. 

Improved sales processes 

An e-commerce business can use various AI technologies which can gather relevant information. AI applications with machine learning can gather, store, and analyze a lot of information really quickly.  

Among other things, these technologies can help you analyze the whole customer journey from the start and until a purchase has been made. Having this kind of information helps you establish an efficient sales pipeline and provide a better shopping experience for buyers. 

AI can also help manage sales and analyze your performance on a daily basis. It can recognize vital trends on its own and help you understand how your strategies are affecting your sales. 

Quality customer support solutions 

When it comes to online stores, it’s very important to provide customers with the best possible support. This means communicating with them on a regular basis, answering important questions, and helping them deal with any problems they might be having. 

Having customer support reps answering questions online can be really inefficient and expensive because you would have to hire multiple employees to handle all the inquiries. This is where some of the best AI chatbots can help. AI chatbots are available 24/7 and are always there to communicate with customers. 

They can handle dozens of different customers at the same time, and there is no need to buy multiple tools. Some of the best AI chatbots can even analyze their conversations and gather important information about customers. During this process, they learn how to approach the target audience better. 

Better targeting and lead generation 

AI solutions come with the long-awaited intelligence that e-commerce stores need. These tools can help generate and select relevant leads while improving the whole targeting process. Tools like customer relationship management systems, sales tools, and marketing automation solutions that come with AI can be used for recognizing quality leads. 

When you know which leads are good, you can move them into the next stage of your sales process. On the other hand, these tools can be used to create an ideal lead profile and put in strategies that will help you find the leads you need. 

E-commerce stores usually have no problem generating leads. However, it can be really difficult to recognize quality leads and approach them at the right time. 

Relevant recommendations 

We all use some e-commerce sites to shop. For example, when using Amazon, you will instantly notice that the platform suggests products you might be interested in. These suggestions are based on your past searches, the products you purchased already, your browsing habits, and so on. 

Simply put, modern AI tools can monitor user behavior thoroughly, gather information, and analyze it to give relevant suggestions to visitors. When you are giving out relevant suggestions, the chances of customers clicking on them and making an additional purchase increase.

AI systems with machine learning can easily gather lots of visitor information, and this process doesn’t require any effort from managers. Additionally, all this behavior information can be used to establish a better marketing campaign or even provide new products. 

AI brings a lot of benefits to e-commerce and many other industries. This is just the beginning, as AI has been in the mainstream for just a couple of years. As time passes, we will see more AI solutions that will give e-commerce owners the tools they need to automate their stores and make better-informed business decisions.