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4 Tips To Make A Super Profitable Blog In 1 Month

Blogging rocks, if done correctly.

Earning from blogging can be termed as the most rewarding business of all time. You get to work from home, on subjects that are interesting, while at the same time jogging your creativity to produce your best.

It’s a venture that does not discriminate based on age, race, gender or any other biases. As long as you do it right, you leap the benefits. There are various ways of improving your blogging techniques in order to maximize your blog income

The rules of earning the most out of blogging are the same whether you are in it full time or part time. How much you earn will depend on:

The Choice of Niche


What you choose to blog on must be something you are totally passionate about. A topic you get excited about and which gives you the push to explore further. By taking on a favorite area, blogging becomes something you give a lot of your time to without feeling like its time getting wasted. Your readers will also feel the vibe in you and resonate. The choice of topic should also put into consideration the continuity aspect of the subject.

Do keyword research to find out the most profitable ideas with less competition.. There are many interesting topics that readers crave for, but are generally ignored. Taking one such topic and tackling it from an interesting angle will give your blog a niche over the others. This will consequently increase the traffic flow and eventually, the money.

Networking with other Bloggers

Networking with other bloggers whom you share close content with can be very helpful. With such liaisons you can share content, consult and even promote each other’s sites. Working with other like minded bloggers will soon translate into more earnings owing to growth in traffic and leads. At the same time it will reduce the solitude associated with blogging.

Networking with other Bloggers


You will only remain relevant if you keep your knowledge up to date on what your audience is into. Conduct surveys to know what gives them headaches so you can offer a solution to their problems. You can also check out forums and groups on Facebook or LinkedIn to know more about your target audience. That is the only way you will create content they really need and offer products that will solve their problems as you earn.

Ability to use Social Media tools appropriately and efficiently

Social media is improving rapidly, and knowing how to make the best out of Pinterest and Instagram can add more charm to your blog. Improving your skills in photography and editing will improve the visual aspect of your blog and increase the traffic flow.

For your blog to get noticed it has to stand out as the blogging field continually gets flooded. There are practical ways that can make your blog profitable

Ability to use Social Media tools appropriately and efficiently.

6 Tips on How to Make your Blog Profitable

  1. Make your blog search engine friendly: Use rich key words and you will greatly increase the visibility of your blog. This will also pull more qualified sites to yours.
  2. Avoid going personal: Writing things about yourself and your experiences might not auger well to your readers. They will need content that they can apply to their daily lives and make them better.
  3. Keep track of the active and popular contributors on your blogs: Engaging those who look valuable to your blog will make them feel the urge to contribute more. Acknowledging them by mentioning them in your posts will give them a sense of belonging just for being noticed. Where possible, comment at their blogs too.
  4. Comment regularly on blogs that are relevant to yours especially those posted by bloggers who are of more influence than you. Your comments will link to your blog and increase your traffic.
  5. Have your blog listed in the blog directories.
  6. Include links in your blog that lead to your website without making it too obvious that you are self promoting.

Blogging can be very rewarding if done the right way and with full commitment. Like with any other entrepreneurship venture, there is the tendency of trying to rise fast.

6 Tips on How to Make your Blog Profitable

This leads to ignoring some crucial things and these are the ones that can bring down your blog. Copying content from other blogs will show lack of originality. It will hurt your SEO efforts and Google may blacklist your site in search results.

You can also break the copyright law while at it. Try to stick to one genre of writing. Writing on anything and everything will confuse your readers. Write regularly to stay relevant but take caution not to write too much to an extent of tiring your readers.

As much as possible avoid repeating the same mistakes your predecessors made. Reading about their experiences and following their advice will help you a great deal.