4 Reasons Why Your Company Website must be Responsive

responsive design

When forming a company, one element that can never be taken for granted is a company’s website. A company’s website goes a long way to market a company and the products/services it offers together with providing some vital information about the company to the public.

For these reasons, you want to design your company’s website in such a manner that it can reach the widest audience. This always involves making your website responsive. One way of making a website responsive is by making it mobile friendly.

A research released by Morgan Stanley revealed that by 2014, the mobile usage rate is expected to match desktop usage. This trend has majorly been brought about by the increased numbers of mobile internet users. With such increased numbers, most companies have developed the need to make their website more responsive.

A responsive website helps a lot as far as marketing your company is concerned. When designing a responsive website, you should keep in mind whether to go for a mobile template or a responsive design for your mobile website. In the case of a responsive design, you are only required to design one website that is coded and capable of adjusting itself to any screen size. On the other hand a mobile template design will demand that you develop a separate website that is strictly for mobile users. Such mobile templates are built for a specific website and not as per screen size.


Why make your website responsive?

There are a number of reasons which have been given as to why we need to make our websites responsive.

a) Increased numbers of mobile users

In recent years, mobile usage has immensely increased. Statistics from Smart Insight revealed that over 20% of Google searches are currently being conducted on mobile devices. This just shows you that there is an influx in mobile usage. The stats further revealed that 25.85% of all the emails opened are usually done via mobile phones while another 10.16% is done through tablets.

With these numbers, it becomes imperative for companies to customize their websites to become more responsive to attract a huge customer base.

b) It’s good for users   

A highly responsive web page helps to enhance a user’s experience once on your website. If visitors find whatever it is that they are looking for, chances are they’ll develop a liking for your website which will minimize their bounce rates and increase your lead conversion rate. On the other hand, if the only thing they’re getting from your site is frustration, chances are that they will quit and go somewhere else.

c) Helps to improve your conversion rates 

Take an example where as a company, you’ve decided to incorporate the elements of blogging and social media into your marketing strategy. With a highly responsive website, chances are that you are likely to see an increase in traffic. This is because most of the social media consumption normally occurs through mobile devices.

d) It’s future oriented

One of the best features of a responsive website is that it is designed to fit on any screen size as opposed to a particular device. That means that regardless of the device you’re using, the web page is capable of readjusting itself to fit into the screen size. It is futuristic because your content will also be displayed perfectly on other future devices.