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4 Best Free Slot Games For iPhone

It can be said without a doubt that slot games are immensely popular especially in American casino hub Las Vegas where hundreds and thousands of people try their luck everyday. While some win jackpot, a few unlucky ones lose their money but it’s a part of the game and the thrill and excitement these slot games provided is what brings these people come back once more to try their luck again.

The technological revolution in this era has allowed people to experience the same fun and enthralling experience right from their handheld devices such as iPhone. There are a wide variety of amazing slot games in AppStore. Many of these games are free however they have some in-app purchases like coins and chips which would give you a feeling of playing with real money. You can even play online tournaments and compete against real opponents across various parts of the globe.

Lets have a look at some of these cool apps:

1) Lucky Slots

Lucky Slots

The first one to make this list is Lucky Slots. Lucky Slots has various levels; as you progress in this game you will notice that each level becomes more and more difficult to crack.  You have to complete a given set of tasks to overcome each level. This game also offers you virtual coins worth 1000$ once you connect it to Facebook. In order to play this game, you need to place a bet. Usually the bet which you place is equal to the product of no. of lines and coin value which is selected per line. Let me give you an example, in case you select 10 lines with value of each line as 3$, your total will be 30$. The maximum number of lines you can select is 30 and value of coins per line can range from 0.10$ to 10.00$. One more thing, there is an option known as Bet Max which allows you to place maximum bet possible automatically.

Lucky Slots app has many types of slot machine. Every slot machine gets unlocked after you complete a required number of levels. Whats more is you can play online tournaments and earn rewards as well as bonuses.

2) JackSpot Slots

Jackpot Slots

Jackpot Slots makes it 2nd in our list of slot games for iPhone. Whats special about Jackpot Slots is that it offers coins as well as bonuses after every four hours; along with that it rewards users when they are featured in the leaderboard. JackSpot Slots maintains a daily,  hourly and weekly leaderboard. Users receive coins depending upon their ranking. The various ranking levels are as follows 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4-25th, 26-100th, 101-250th and lastly 251-1000th. Not only this, this game rewards these users 6 times the normal amount for every game played within next 2 days.

Jackspot Slots is known as one of the most difficult to win slot games and you truly need to be really lucky in order to win something huge.

3) Slotomania


Fourth in our list is Slotomania developed by Playtika Ltd. Slotomania is one the best social video slots game out there in the AppStore today. Slotomania is played by millions of people across the globe. This app boasts of over 55 slot games which you can play on your handheld device. With impeccable graphics and high quality sounds and songs from the king Elvis Presley, the fun never ends with this Elvis slots game. Go ahead and give it a try, its free to start.

4) Big Win Slots

Big Win Slots

Fourth in our list is Big Win Slots. A far as gameplay of this game is concerned, its very similar to other slot games mentioned in this list but where this game stands out is that’s its far easier to earn free coins and spins. There are 5 ways how you can earn them:

–          You get free coins after every four hours.

–          You can get free coins daily for each Facebook friend in your list who plays this game

–          You can earn coins for each level you clear

–          You can also get coins by watching videos

–          And lastly you can earn them when you virtual gift your friends

This game has one special feature i.e. VIP status. The more you go play this game each day, more your VIP status increases. How this VIP status benefits? This VIP status helps you in obtaining extra privileges such as more bonuses, more coins and more slot machines.