4 Amazing Ways to Lookup Email Addresses in 2020

4 Amazing Ways to Lookup Email Addresses in 2020

To communicate with a potential client or partner, it is convenient to use e-mail. This method allows you to send a person an offer, start conducting an effective email distribution, conduct a survey, and arrange an interview.

It is necessary to understand that it does not make sense to look for an e-mail address to “throw” the right person with information. This can only achieve a negative user attitude and send them all suspicious emails to spam or trash.

Search a person by e-mail on Google

This method of finding people’s email addresses is the simplest of all possible. Here you can highlight:

  • Obtaining information about a person on the website of the company in which he works. The data can be found in the “Contacts” section. Even if the organization’s website does not contain the e-mail of a specific employee, you can ask to send information to the right person in a message to corporate mail.
  • Search for a person by using an email template. Almost every organization has a template for creating work mail for each employee. So, for example, if you know that John Peterson works in the Example organization, and his colleagues have email addresses like and, you can assume that his email address will be Provided that John Peterson is in this organization alone.

Search for information on social networks

A person’s profile in social networks contains a lot of useful information. In particular, if you only have the name, surname, and knowledge of the name of the city in which the person lives, you can enter this information in the search bar, find the necessary account and get the desired email address here.

Searching Whois Information

This method is suitable if the person you are looking for is the owner of the site. If the information left by the user during registration is not closed, you can get the email address indicated here. Searching the Whois database is not very convenient for the reason that when registering domains, a rarely visited e-mail box is used, where a person may no longer “enter” at another time.

Using email lookup tool 

Sometimes it is not necessary to spend a lot of time over the internet to find the email addresses. Just use email addresses finder (for example

to find the mailbox you need. All email lists can be exported to XLS. The service also works with Linkedin, Pipedrive, or Gmail applications.

All found email contacts can be conveniently stored in separate lists. This search method will save a lot of time and effort. All personal data is protected, so privacy is guaranteed.