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What is 3D Printing and How Can You Get Started with it at Home?

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Innovative and novel technologies have time and again flabbergasted human kind with the impressive utility and support.3D printing is the latest entrant in that arena. Lately, you might have gotten dumbfounded by the ins and outs of 3D printing. Nevertheless, it is time for you to ascertain each and every facet for reaping the full benefits of this technology.

What is 3D printing?

3D printing is a process of creating physical objects by utilizing 3D digital models. The process is also termed as “additive manufacturing.” In this process, an object is created by means of thin layers of a material that are laid down successively.

3D printing follows the bottom-up approach while creating objects. This signifies that each layer is added over the previous layer and the process continues until the full object is created.

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Though a recent technology, it’s been awhile for numerous industries to implement 3D printing. Over the period, the hardware has become convenient in terms of both price and weight. In addition, the software has become easier to use. At present, 3D printers come at relatively economical prices and support diversified 3D modeling programs.

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What can you do with 3D printers?

The gradual enhancements in 3D printers have put forth exuberant applications for users from all walks of life. Today, in DIY or hackerspace community, users can print essential components and create full objects. They can print custom mounts for their webcams, replicate expensive appliances, and fabricate their custom-fit smartphone cases.

“To print it, model it” has become a standard thumb rule for working with 3D printers. Users can simply get a 3D digital file and convert it into their desired physical product with the click of a button. To obtain a 3D file, users can download the same over the Internet. Furthermore, they can design their own 3D files, which they can use for creating the product by means of 3D printers.

What can u make with 3D Printers

Interestingly, people can create their next innovations by means of this technology. Engineers and designers can create productions or prototypes, teachers can produce teaching aids, and people can create general items, such as earphones, statues, wallets, purses, gadget covers, pendants, gadget holders, 3D-printed nails, and custom glasses etc.

How to get started with 3D printing at home?

To get started with your own 3D printing, you are required to get a 3D printing machine for your home. The seemingly best options for the same are:

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  • Printrbot: Printrbot offers advanced and highly capable 3D printers.  You can purchase fully assembled Printrbots ($US399- $US699)or Printrbot kit ($US259-$US299).
  • Cube 3D Printer: The Cube 3D Printer, whichis available in different colors, prints over Wi-Fi and offers free test printing models. You can get this user-friendly 3D printer for $US1300.
  • Makerbot Replicator: The Makerbot Replicator is a 3D printer that lets you print fine objects with high-resolution in numerous colors. The printer also permits you to generate interconnected parts and moving objects. You can purchase this high-end printer for $US2200.
  • RepRap: RepRap offers printers that can replicate a number of things including their own components. The printers are available in different models and you can get those in the range of $US700- $US1100.


3D printing has revolutionized the dynamics of a consumer culture. With it, a user simply turns into an active creator from a passive consumer. With the colossal buzz surrounding this high-tech piece, the day is not far when majority of us would have our own 3D printers in our homes. Your take?