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3 Things You Can Do With Your Old iPhone

Its been a couple of months since the release of iPhone 5 in the market and unquestionably it was a huge success with hordes of people and ardent Apple fans buying it. Talking about staggering numbers, ever since the first one iPhone was launched in 2007, a total of 244 million iPhones have been sold. This includes people who have bought every model of iPhone whether its iPhone 2, 3S or 4S and now iPhone 5. Heights of fanboyism isn’t it ;)? Needless to say the release of iPhone 5 means there will be nothing short of millions of old iPhones lying in the drawers gathering dust. Lets have a look at what these people can do with their old iPhones :

1. Gift your old iPhone to your kids (well if you have one..)

Lets face it. No gadget or toy or game can be as appealing to your kid as your iPhone. How many times has your kid snatched your iPhone from your hands when you were listening to a song or checking out a new app? So how about you gift your old iPhone to your naughty kid? Indeed, install some latest games on your old iPhone and give it to your child. Trust me he will be the happiest kid in the world 😆

iphone 4s

2. Donate it to charity maybe..? (For the kind-hearted souls)

Ok this might appear weird and your initial thought will be “Donating my iphone to a person who doesn’t even get to eat?” Its not like that. There are several charities and NGOs prominent one being Cell Phones for Soldiers who work with recycling groups. They sell your refurbished iphone and with the money they get from selling that iPhone, they use it for charity.

3. No I want money so I will sell it..

Who doesn’t want money. Actually I will be frank. If I had an old iPhone (I wish :-)), in all probabilities thats the most likely thing I would be looking to do i.e. to sell iphone off for some bucks. Ok so for people who are not broke like me and actually have one, one of the most obvious options will be EBay. The other name which comes to mind is Apple Shark ( which has caught my attention recently. People claim they offer one of the best price in the industry ahead of companies like Gazelle.