Visualisers – How they are used in Business and Education

The best way to easily describe a visualiser to someone who doesn’t know what one is, is to say it is a digital camera attached to a fixed or flexible arm that captures an image and displays it, not throughanLCDscreen(likeadigital camera) but onto an electronic whiteboard, or sometimes onto a wall.

Where would you expect to see a visualiser?

Most often they’re used in places of education; certainly schools, colleges and universities, but also training centres, board rooms, business training rooms and conference centres. Anywhere were groups of people gathertoreceive training or are required to see important information through a presentation or during a meeting.

Visualisers, also known as document cameras, can also be used in places that may not immediately spring to mind. A court room for example, where they could be used display paper evidence, perhaps a signed confession, a forged document or even a photograph, which means everyone in attendance, can very quickly see it without the need for passing it around the room.

A graphologist could use a visualiser to deliver a lesson about the nuances of a person’s handwriting; something which many employers now take into consideration when taking on new employees.

As well as displaying documents, a visualisercanalso display objects to a large group of people. There is a whole load of situations where such a piece of equipment is a real boon, especially if the topic of the lesson is small and/or highly detailed.A good example of this is technology; printed circuit boards, computer motherboards or the components that make up a smartphone.Imagine the difficulties a lecturer or teacher has delivering a lesson on these subjects to a group of people who are all standing around a small desk hoping to get the kind of view they need to fully understand the subject.

Sure, they will be able to see what the teacher is doing, but will they see it with enough detail? Through the power of the visualiser and its ability to zoom in on a subject, anyone delivering a lesson knows that everyone in attendance can see it in enough detail to have a better understanding of the subject than they previously had. And if they don’t, they can always return to the pictures recorded by the visualiser, as many of them have the ability to record still or moving images.

Visualisers have made a significant difference to the way in which lessons, talks and presentations are delivered to large (or small) groups of people, and are one of the best teaching or presentation aids on the market today.

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