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5 Best Video Poker Games

Every avid poker player knows that online poker playing can sometimes be a very costly undertaking. As such, poker enthusiasts looking for poker action find a cheaper alternative in online video poker games. These video games are simulations of real tournament poker games and are a replication of physical casinos on various gaming devices like

Where the IoT Is Going: A Cybersecurity Perspective

The Internet of Things leaves many of us with questions, and we’re pleased to have an opportunity to answer some of those questions thanks to If you happen to be managing a business, consider reading their article “How to Optimise Your Business by Using Technology” for some helpful tips. Image courtesy of David Berkowitz

MacBook Air 2016 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4

There are a lot of rumors and speculations currently over the specifications and expected features of the next gen Apple MacBook Air 2016 and the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Even though until now the Microsoft Surface series have been in no form to compete with the laptop lineup that Apple has to offer, it


In our day to day life, there comes a day when we need to copy DVD or burn DVD so that we can use the content of a DVD as per our needs. The problem is that DVD copy is not that simple as it sounds. WE need a separate software for doing this. There