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How Weather Affects Allergies

When it comes to allergies, pollen is often the most obvious culprit, and springtime the most obvious season, for many allergy sufferers. Those with pollen allergies may already be in the habit of consulting the local weather forecast or a favorite weather app for information on pollen counts. But there’s more to the relationship between

Gambling Tech Company GAN Increases Revenue 30%

Gambling tech company GAN increases revenue 30%, which speaks to the increasing popularity of gambling all over the world. Obviously, gambling does not necessarily need to be high-tech in the first place. However, this can certainly be the case. Increasingly, it is. It makes sense that a lot of different companies would be able to

What You Need To Know About Mvnos

Not a lot of people know what MVNO even stands for, let alone what it’s all about. So let’s break it down a bit to get a clear understanding of what an MVNO actually is, and what it does. What is MVNO? MVNO is an acronym for Mobile Virtual Network Operator. Emphasis on the word