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5 Reasons You Need A VPN For Kodi

Many of you who are already familiar with the Kodi platform, are quite aware of the amazing benefits that it provides to all of your media entertainment options. You may also have heard a bit about how important it is to have a VPN to keep you and your family safe while navigating the internet

5 Ways To Finance Your Startup

When you are starting a business, getting going is often the hardest part. You need money but finding it without too many strings attached is a tough one. Whether you are rolling out a full software program, a software as a service company, or apps and self-service software downloads, there are development costs associated with

3 Things To Look For In New Encryption Software

It is no secret that the 21st century is a time of radically increased surveillance. With vast amounts of data exchanged digitally every day, much of which is easily accessible to third parties equipped with even the most basic hacking capabilities, one should always assume that someone, somewhere, has the capacity to read any messagesent

Which Books Are Best For A UK Tech Startup?

Starting up any business is a scary venture in its own right, but if you’re starting a tech business, you have the added pressure of needing to stay ahead of the game before you even begin! Worry not, because the following books will give you the information you need to start out on the best