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The Importance of Interoperability In Healthcare IT

The most vital information of a patient is the past medical record information. Occasionally, people don’t go to a single hospital all their live. In most cases, people live in different states or countries. This makes it difficult for a doctor to be able to establish the medical history of a patient especially if they

5 Types Of Cloud Computing Services

The advances in information technology witnessed in the recent past are just impressive. As a result of these advances, it is possible to achieve more for individuals and businesses. One of the fonts that have proven to be a game changer in the industry is cloud computing. The technology allows delivery of a wide range

Top 5 Criteria In Choosing A Managed Service Provider

In the growing digital world, several organizations have turned to creating digital transformations with the aim of creating business models that aim at meeting the consumers’ needs. The digital conversion gives a company a competitive edge over its business competitors while also creating a diverse and complex IT environment. When running a company, IT management